AboutMontana First Nation


The Montana Indian Reservation, No. 139 is located approximately 90 kilometers south of Edmonton and 3 kilometers east of Highway No. 2A. (see map) It is the smallest First Nation that makes up the Four Nations of Hobbema, Alberta Canada.

Montana Tribal Government

The Montana First Nation is governed by one Chief and four Council members.
Chief and Council consult regularly with members and the Tribal Elders on tribal matters.

The Chief

is ex-officio responsible for all departments and each council member is assigned a portfolio of various responsibilities. Each is responsible to implement and set policy for a certain number of departments.

  • protection of treaties
  • developing tribal laws
  • developing and implementing tribal policy
  • tribal finance
  • oil and gas
  • managing investments
  • ranching and agriculture
  • land claims o land and leases
  • litigation
  • community infrastructure
  • health
  • education
  • social development
  • cultural activities
  • attending meetings locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally
  • maintaining intertribal and intergovernmental relations with: Four Nations, the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations, the Alberta Chiefs Summit, Indian Resource Council ("IRC") , Assembly of First Nations, Province of Alberta, INAC, Various International Bodies Such as United Nations, the International Labor Organization ("ILO'), the Organization of American States ("OAS") and also affiliates with the Council of Energy Resources Tribes ("CERT"), various boards.